Jang geun suk yoo in na dating

Yes, my sweet chingus, thank you for the unending links and emails about Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo dating in real life. First off, I like Ji Hyun Woo. He seems like a decent guy in real life, and being a musician probably renders him less stuffy and more free-spirited. All good. I thought all signs pointing to Yoo In Na reciprocating his feelings so no harm done. Then comes the fall out, and his subsequent response really annoyed me. First off, he tweets that if he could do it all over again, he would still do the same thing? I thought spontaneous expressions of love were by default not appropriate for the occasion.

Koala Two Cents on Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na Going Public on Dating

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“It is true that Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo broke up. back in December but both agencies quickly denied this, saying they were still dating.

It seems like just yesterday that Ji Hyun-woo made his love confession to Yoo In-na , before whisking off for his mandatory military service in August On May 6 , Ji greeted of his fans as he was released from the military, returning back to civilian life. A week before his discharge, Ji was already courted for his post-army comeback project — upcoming KBS drama Trot Lovers. Trot Lovers is a romantic comedy about a genius musician who hates the trot genre and, of course, falls in love with a female lead who aspires to be a trot singer.

Ji is confirmed to play the top star musician who grooms the female lead to fame. Taking into consideration his extensive musical background, especially as the lead guitarist of The Nuts , it seems a fitting choice to cast Ji in such a role. With the broadcast date set in June, Ji will have to get started on filming immediately after his discharge. The name floating around right now for the female lead is IU , although she has yet to confirm her participation.

If they do both sign on, their individual experience in both the musical and acting field will be a huge plus to this production. Editors’ Picks. I-Land Ep. Popular Tags:. See All.

Ji Hyun Woo Yoo In Na Still Dating

According to the articles, they were spotted out together late at night, in the park! Apparently, he acted like a bodyguard around her and held onto her hand tightly. She also did a peace sign in front of him and he smiled at her lovingly. EDIT: Both their representative agencies are stating that they will try to find out exactly what is going on from the two people.

Actor Ji Hyun-woo signed up for military service yesterday in The two celebrities have been officially dating, and Yoo In-na said in June on.

She was born and raised in Seongnam, South Korea. As well as being an actress, she is also active in various fields in the entertainment world, such as a DJ of the radio program or modeling. She is one of the most promising actresses in South Korea. Yoo is not dating with anyone now. Her broken heart seems not to be healed since she broke up with her ex boyfriend, Ji Hyun woo, a South Korean actor, in She is trying to further develop her talent as an actress. She has been in charge of this program as the 6th DJ for five years.

Ji Hyun Woo & Yoo In Na Split

Log in to comment. Night Mode. Posted by 0 pt Monday, June 18, There is now a high possibility that Hyun Woo, who coincidentally has the same name as Yoo In Na’s current boyfriend, and Yoo In Na will not be able to participate in the reality show. At the time of the confession, many did not know that the two were actually dating and it was expected that Yoo In Na will nevertheless be part of the reality show because she did not publicly give an answer to Ji Hyun Woo’s confession.

I still so happy that Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo are still a coupledating Ji Hyun Woo.

Actor Ji Hyun Woo and actress Yoo In Na are no longer an item, after their respective agencies announced today that they have ended their 2 year relationship and have gone their separate ways. Ji Hyun Woo’s agency said, “The two have indeed separated. He only just got discharged from the army, and this was his private matter. We aren’t sure about when it happened, but they have decided to go their separate ways.

This will not affect their relationship as friends, and they will continue to support each other for their respective careers. Meanwhile, Yoo In Na’s agency said, “We have already verified with her, and she has confirmed that she is no longer seeing Ji Hyun Woo. This is her private matter, and we have always thought that the two were still together.

We only knew about their break-up after the news had come out about it, and we then proceeded to ask her about it.

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na end their 2 year relationship

In fact, In Na hasn’t only been busy working the small screen for decades, she’s also trained as an idol, started a career in singing, and even did radio! Nobody can deny the fact that In Na is at the top of her game right now, as one of the hottest and most in-demand leading ladies of K-dramaland. Can’t get enough of her? Check out this list of the other dramas of this multi-talented queen.

Yoo In Na also is a radio DJ of a highly rated radio program called “Let’s Crank and then found fame in with her role in the drama “Queen In Hyun’s Man.

Good news for shippers of the couple. The better news? Anyway so yes… 10 days after his confession, they were spotted in a park in BunDang, Gyeonggi at dawn. They held hands and walked around, enjoying a pleasant date. They were seen looking tenderly into each others eyes, smiling, obviously in love. They were often seen with their arms around each others waist, walking closely.

Discharged Ji Hyun-woo rumored to split with Yoo In-na

I wonder if Rain and Kim Tae Hee are still dating. He made Yoo In Na tied to the title of being his girlfriend They didn’t really “date” long I mean what about his army time? So really it’s too bad but is this really worth being big news? It was a bit of a selfish move for him to publicly confess that he likes her just when he was about to leave for the army.

It’s official. Actress Yoo In-na is dating co-star Ji Hyun-woo from the drama “​Queen In-hyun’s Man.” Yoo, who also hosts a radio show, spoke for.

Ji Hyun-woo is a famous South Korean actor and musician. People shipped them so much as they showed such great on-screen chemistry. Well, the time has come for them to declare that they choose to be an off-screen couple, as well. Yoo In-na starred as Choi Hee-jin, the modern and unsuccessful actress who played Queen In-hyun in the upcoming drama, she meets Ji Hyun-woo as Kim Bung-do, a noble-born scholar from the Joseon Dynasty, who traveled through time where he met Choi Hee-jin and fell in love with her.

Their kissing scene was so remarkable that many people just believed that they were an actual couple just by seeing them on-screen. During the cast interviews, Ji Hyun-woo surprisingly declared that he was in love with Yoo In-na! I genuinely like Yoo In-na. The lovebirds were reported of strolling around the neighborhood romantically and acting quite intimate. Other than the secret date, Yoo In-na and Ji Hyun-woo have been reported of spending their time together styling their hairs at a salon.

I was hesitant at first, but it was so innocent and I was very grateful. I felt his honesty with every glance and every word. I felt his sincerity and innocence from his brave confession. At first, I told Ji Hyun-woo to give me one week to think but I actually contacted him only 2 days after.

[Y-STAR] Yoo Inna, “I’m still dating with Ji Hyunwoo”(유인나 지현우 결별설 ‘잘 만나고 있다’ 해명)